About us

Music soothes the soul. Music jewelry can be as soothing for your eyes and soul. Pickup is a crossover of contemporary art and music. Every piece of product is a perfect blend , together with guitar picks in different musical themes to suit your personality.

Our mission

Filled your life with music
Wear our music product so to remind music is all around you.
There are different kinds of music.

“Music can change the world” – Ludwig van Beethoven. Likewise, different guitar picks can be used on different types of guitars to change how it sounds. We have used different picks in our design to reflect different tastes and personalities.

Every piece is unique.

Every musical piece is a unique creation. Each musical performance is unique, too. Our designing product is exquisite, a wearable art that captivates originality and innovation. Music and creation never dies! Music connects with life. No matter it’s in a cult of speed, a slow pace, a heavy beat, or an alluring genre.
It only belongs to you. And only you.

Pickup is for those who truly love music. Wear your passion. Share your enthusiasm. Live your life.

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